” Spy… for Nobody!: Sixteen Years in the Syrian Intelligence “

” Spy… for Nobody!: Sixteen Years in the Syrian Intelligence “

The book:
“Spy for nobody!: Sixteen Years in the Syrian Intelligence ” by Basel Saneeb.
very important book, which includes an explanation of the espionage process for the benefit of the Syrian people and against the intelligence services of the Syrian regime that lasted for eighteen years.It is a very interesting book and has popularity around the world.
The book contains very important information about the massacres of the city of Hama in /1982 / carried out by the regime of the criminal Assad in Syria, which was classified information and with details for the first time revealing to people .It has been chosen by nine of the world’s leading universities and USA universities, as well as the Library of Congress of all Arabic and Syrian books as a reference for research and studies About international intelligence services, the Middle East and About Syria, and other topics and addresses . .The author of this book is from Syria , He is an activist and supporter of the Syrian revolution that demanded freedom, which started in 2011. He is a freelance journalist, political analyst, and military and security intelligence expert..The Book : Spy for nobody .wonderful , distinct, different, the story is very strange and exciting .
This book is very interesting and strange. I read it several times. A strange and dangerous and very interesting events passed by the author.During his lifetime.
He was always in danger, and he had an unprecedented spy experience, and the writer had broken into one of the most evil intelligence agencies in the world.
I advise everyone to read this book, … It is available in Arabic and English. . It is worth reading.
Fantastic book and awesome intelligence adventure with important information.
The book 🙁 spy for nobody )
By :
.Basel Saneeb .AL SANNIB
.. …. I hope someone will turn the book into a movie .

الإسم العربي: " جاسوس من أجل لا أحد..ستة عشر عاماً في المخابرات السورية "

الإسم الإنجليزي: " Spy... for Nobody!: Sixteen Years in the Syrian Intelligence "

اللغة: English

النوع: رواية

الكاتب: Basel Saneeb

الناشر: EKUTUB & Blurb

سنة النشر : 2020

عدد الصفحات: 162

المشاهدات: 10


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